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This type of station purpose is to provide pressure control and measurement of gas volume supplied to distribution nets. They are composed of pressure regulating valves, over or/and under pressure automatic blocking valves (SSV’s), relief valves, filters, flow meters and other several instruments, varying according to the complexity of the final application. Each station is individually designed, in agreement to the precision and safety levels demanded for the operation type, attending national and international standards.

Stations are mounted on skids, facilitating their transportation and installation. Stations’ start-up adjustments can be followed by JTTOOS technicians or by the user company technicians, specifically trained for this purpose. Regulating and measurement stations follow:

• Flat type and Cabinet Type of Reducing and Metering Town Board Station (T.B.S.) as EPC.

Indirect fired water heaters are typically used to raise the temperature of natural gas before or after passing through a pressure reduction system. For oil product applications they are typically used to raise the viscosity of the oil before or after going through a pumping station.

The indirect fired heater was initially developed for oilfield use. It is a heater vessel having within it a heat source fired with gas or oil. The heat source is contained within the vessel and the process tube containing the product to be heated is immersed in water, or a water/glycol mixture. The product never comes in contact with the flame. Only the water/glycol mixture is actually heated. Since the heat source and process tube are separated by a heat transfer medium, this type of heater is known as an “Indirect Heater”.

Depending on the process, the shell of the heater which contains the heat transfer fluid operates at very close to atmospheric pressure and so does the heat source. Only the process coils containing the product to be heated have to be constructed of high pressure, corrosion resistant materials. JTTOOS's custom designed heaters are carefully engineered to meet the needs of your specific application. All of JTTOOS's process heaters are designed to provide optimum thermal efficiency with minimal energy consumption. Current designs can deliver up to 93% net thermal efficiency.

After evaluation of your specific requirements, JTTOOS' engineers will design your heater with state of the art computerized mechanical and process programs. These programs, coupled with our experience, enable JTTOOS to optimize our innovative and competitive designs.

JTTOOS provides PIG Receiver & Launchers for oil, gas and liquid service and operator companies. JTTOOS is capable of providing pig receivers and launchers for pipelines of any size and pressure ratings. Rhino provides complete solutions for your pipeline related jobs, such as cleaning, drying, testing and displacement. Easy to use JTTOOS launchers and receivers can be used almost in all kind of applications. JTTOOS PRL can be designed to accommodate scraper pigs, sphere pigs or "smart" pigs, or any combination of the three. STANDARD JTTOOS™ PIG LAUNCHER & PIG RECEIVERS comes with the standard type pig signal /indicator, closure, and nozzles.


Cartridge type separator filters are designed for filtration of solids presenting in the gas flow, using as filtration means a membrane of pleated cellulose, which guarantees a larger capacity of retention buildup. This filter model is built in stainless steel (304), what makes it resistant to corrosion and provides excellent mechanical resistance to the cartridge.

- Design, manufacturing and Installation of Reducing, Metering and filtration Gas Stations (CGS & TBS), Filter Separators , By Pass and Injection Odorizing Units, Indirect Water Bath Heaters in various Sizes, Classes and Capacities.

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To contact us, you could have a connection with us through below numbers or via below button you could send us an e-mail.

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