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JTTOOS tank storage engineering is a designer and fabricator for liquid storage and dry bulk storage applications, fixed or floating roof, including tanks in food processes. These tanks range in size from 2 m up to 60 m in diameter and may extend to 20 m in length. From the initial proposal stages through engineering, fabrication, installation, and customer service after the sale, JTTOOS delivers unmatched performance. We can provide turnkey solutions for all your storage needs. After years in the tank sales and construction business, we've learned that "quality" and "value" are not negotiable. Our track record for quality and dependability is impeccable because our people apply decades of industry experience to every project, and loyalty to every customer.

• Oil storage tanks:
The major problem for oil field storage is corrosion. JTTOOS Tank Storage System's factory-baked epoxy coatings provide the best protection in the storage industry. Our liquid immersion coating has been tested and is unaffected after six months in sour crude at 80°C. JTTOOS Storage tanks are low maintenance and durable enough for a wide range of oil field applications, including brines, acids and corrosive chemicals.

• Dry storage tanks:
JTTOOS tanks for dry bulk are used to storage of sand, barite, lime, bentonite and dry chemical needs. Small, hopper bottom silos are available, as well as larger skirted silos.

• Fire fighting tanks:
JTTOOS Tank Storage Systems lead the field in the construction of water storage tanks for fire protection. We produce dedicated reservoirs and water supply configurations and each tank is individually engineered for its application. Factory-coated steel tanks are often the most economical and the most long lasting form of storage for fire protection water. JTTOOS Tank Storage Systems offer a range of Factory Mutual approved tanks, as well as a selection of other sizes that conform to NFPA-22 requirements and tank accessoriesincluding pumps, heaters, insulation, and valve enclosures.

• Chemical storage tanks:
JTTOOS tank provides many dry and liquid tank products for the storage of Chemicals. We address the necessary factors for a stored chemical product – operating temperature, operating pressure/vacuum, corrosion issues, purity, operating environment, construction materials, codes, thermal expansion, chemical resistance and appropriate design standards.

• Food storage tanks:
JTTOOS offers both bolted and welded tanks for the storage of process food products. Relative to carbon steel construction, specialized approved coatings are applied in a controlled environment and “baked-on” to the substrate surface. JTTOOS Tanks processes stainless steel and aluminum fabrication on a separate alloy line to prevent contamination of dissimilar metals. Typical food grade weld profiles are available as “smooth not flush”, “flush” and “flush and polished” to meet your requirements. All alloy construction is chemically washed internally for stored product protection and externally as well for aesthetic appearance prior to shipment.

• JTTOOS tanks advantages include:
  • Welded tanks diameters from 2-60 meters with capacities up to 40 million liters.
  • Flat bottom silos and silos with hopper for process grain applications are available.
  • Coated carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and dual Laminates are available.
  • Product flow testing to ensure mass or funnel flow requirements.
  • Special design considerations can be incorporated.
  • Special accessories include: Bin activators for sugar discharge, fluidization discs for flour storage, chisel bottom designs and passive flow controls for functional mass flow hopper discharge.
  • Tank support styles include: leg, skirt, lug, girder, load cell and structural steel.
  • Auxiliary equipment including system components, instruments, dust collection, inventory controls, blowers, conveying pipe, etc.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • The JTTOOS can provide you with complete foundation loading (static and dynamic loads), allowing for the development of a properly designed foundation. Additionally, based on the foundation loads generated, The JTTOOS can provide you with a quote for foundation design based on a given set of conservative parameters. Once a soils report has been generated, the foundation design can be finalized and stamped.

• Here are some of our experiences in designing and constructing of storage tanks:





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To contact us, you could have a connection with us through below numbers or via below button you could send us an e-mail.

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