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  Tuesday , 16 July 2019
Scope Of Activity
The main activity fields of  JARF TADBIR TOOS Company are as follows:
  • Design , manufacturing and operating of Metering , Pressure Regulation and Filtration Gas Stations (TBS & CBS ) in Cabinet and Flat type
  • Design and manufacturing a variety of different size of Dry Gas Filters  and Filter Separators
  • Design , manufacturing , installation and  operation of Bulk Material handling System Equipment
  • Design , manufacturing , installation and  operation of Storage Tanks ( Fixed and Floating Roof) and Pressure Vessels
  • Supplying Measuring Instruments such as Level Controllers , Level Meters , Flow Meters and ... through taking  Agency of Korean Company named SEOJIN INSTECH
  • Supplying Pressure Regulators and Self Actuated Pressure Control Valves Through taking Agancy of an Indian Company named NIRMAL


Projects Map

Jarf Tadbir Toos Engineering and construction company is established of skillful and qualified managers in various industries to achieve optimum advantages from gained long experiences in a unique complex and conduct it to help developing the industry.

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