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  Tuesday , 16 July 2019
About Us

JARF TADBIR TOOS Engineering and Construction Company was established of skillful and qualified managers in various industries to achieve optimum advantages from gained long experiences in a unique complex.

The exclusive system of company is based on project managing and directors of the company have worthy and valuable experiences in consultation, supervision, design, inspection and manufacturing of industrial machinery producing lines and equipments, importing, exporting and providing customers with full technical and engineering services in the Middle East.


Our Mission
Energy Management & Services Company is committed to provide its clients an array of highly professional services to meet the challenges of their projects and to provide its employees a work environment which is friendly, satisfying and conducive to achievement and recognition.  Information, training and state of the art tools will be provided to our employees to enhance creativity and productivity.  Experience, versatility, and dedication to development of long term business relationships will best describe the capabilities and focus of our staff.


JTTOOS Company has managers with fifteen years experience and high potential of providing technical and engineering services in four major groups including
of projects in Middle East and finalizes all projects on the basis of Project Managing systems and project scheduling program :

Analyzing clients data and resolution of the vague problems, Research and Study about feasibility of project include physical and technological limitations, rate of supply and demand for projects, beneficially, payments and financials, converting all data to design on the basis of transferred data resulting flow sheets, layouts, producing drawings, P & ID and PFD charts, drawings of equipments and steel structures, piping, fire unit lines, instruments, electricity, controls, monitoring, and lightings.
·    Undertaking Tenders and preparing Technical and Financial Offers of projects.
·    Project Scheduling and Programming
·    Procurement of commissioning and Installation Manuals
·    Maintenance and Service Manuals

B.    Equipments Purchasing Services
In attention to long experience of managers in providing and purchasing materials and machineries, JTTOOS can provide clients from all around the world:
·    Determining Complete Description of Materials and Equipments
·    Preparing Providers List
·    Evaluation and Choosing Appropriate Providers
·    Inspection and Supervision during Purchasing
·    Purchasing Equipments

JTTOOS has ability of Supervision and Inspection for all Stages of Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Services and Tests by means of full skilled experts and full documentation.

All documentation of designing will deliver to project managers after verification of technical committee and project schedule chart will prepare.
Project managers separating the project into various sections with priority to allocate subcontractors and personnel to aforesaid sections enable all activities in parallel progress with benefit of developing optimum exclusive capability and increase undertaking and managing more projects to decrease expenses.

All documentation and Quality Control of below sections will be undertaken by quality assurance department:
-    STANDARD INSTRUMENTS such as nut, bolt,… .


-    NDT and DT


All forms in quality control are included in:

1-    Quality control flow of raw material
2-    Quality control of goods and providers archive
3-    Dimensional test report
4-    Visual inspection of welding
5-    Magnetic test report of welding
6-    Non destructive test report
7-    Painting inspection report
8-    Structures inspection report
9-    Functional test report
10-    List of certifications  
11-    Certification control report
12-    General test form repot
13-    Welding test inspection report
14-    Painting test report
With attention to necessity of execution of industrial systems in engineering services and confirmed method as respects three bases:
·    Quality
·    Time
·    Expenses,
JTTOOS described its process by employing experts and utilization of project managing software along with full systematical documentations as below:
1.    Handling of contract mandatory and activities compilation, C.P.M. according to contract along with project manager assist.
2.    Compiling the actions level appointments, WBS, and weekly and monthly program and critical points by software forward to project manager.
3.    Periodical reports of physical progress, financial, duration, comparing and analyzing incongruity.
4.    Project control meetings considering key problems and solutions.
5.    Following of contract ratifications.

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